January Focus: Cleans
Straight Back
Elbows Out
Tight Core
Acceleration past knees
Straight bar Path/Close to body
High Elbows with Catch
Weight in Heels

Monday HIT
Partner Workout
4 Rounds:
X4 5 Box Jumps 30″/24″ + 6 Push-Ups
X3 3 DB Snatches 30% + 3 DB Lunges
X2 10 Wall Balls 20/14 + 5 TTB/5 Knees Up
X1 315/18 Deadlift (scale up if possible)

Here we go, complete all 4 rounds. X4 means you will do it 4 times and so on. You will have your partner, so go back and fourth and encourage each other. The deadlift should be heavy, so if you need to scale up or down, do so, but be safe. Happy Monday.