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If we were all getting paid million of dollars a year to be in incredible shape then this country wouldn’t know what “obesity epidemic” meant even if Charles Merriam and Noah Webster spelled it out for us.

When it comes to traditional fitness media, athletes, models, and celebrities are showcased in images and in content. You really can’t relate to Keira Knightley’s workout routine. And you can’t begin to understand LeBron James’s workout schedule. Too often we have a misplaced idea of what fitness is and how it can be applied into our lives.

And how can you?

There are young professionals, business owners, and even parents that are almost nonexistent in fitness media. We really don’t see much of these individuals and how they stay fit. But we need to hear from these people because they’re like us. They are us. These are people you and I can relate to.

But that’s changing.

Traditional media is being disrupted on a variety of fronts. In the world of fitness, this couldn’t be truer. You need information and content that is applicable to your life. Getting to the gym or working out at home is really just time out of your busy schedule.

So, where do you find information on fitness and health that YOU can use?

Here’s how fitness media is changing and where you can find information that is applicable to you:

Relevance – Greatist, MindBodyGreen                                                                             Accessibility –  NJIron, Daily HIIT


Thanks to social media and the ease of setting up a website, relevance is becoming more commonplace in every industry, not just fitness and health. I’m thankful for it because if this was not the case I couldn’t get my message out to you. Last week,, during my discussion on how the gym is changing, I spoke about Derek Flanzraich and his website, Greatist.

Greatist is brand that is focusing on providing health and wellness information that is simple to understand and also cites major study publications like PubMed. The most important part of the brand is that they encourage making healthy choices, which is really what it’s all about anyways, right? You’ve got a busy life. The healthiest meals don’t appear out of thin air. It’s up to you to make the healthiest choices with what you’ve got. Their message on fitness is crafted to relate to people like us. I love what these guys are doing and hope that they keep up the good work, kudos to Derek.

MindBodyGreen is another fitness community, more focused on stretching, meditation, and eating green. Honestly, there’s not that much emphasis on meditation, stretching, or  plant based diets in the fitness community so it’s great that to see someone putting the spotlight on it. Jason Wachob, founder of MindBodyGreen came to this realization through a lower back injury. It’s great to hear stories like Jason’s, people who heal themselves through eating naturally and just taking care of their body. It’s not only great for the healing process but for preventative healthcare as well. Keep up the good work guys!


When you’ve got a question you typically want an answer. And often times, as a consumer, you want the answer now. Not in a couple of days. Magazines are shifting to more local models because what’s better than knowing the people who are providing expert information that you are consuming.

NJIron focuses on this business model and it’s a great way to piece together not only informing your audience to stay fit, but to actually motivate them to do it as well. I’ve had the pleasure of working with the founder of NJIron, Joe Pellegrino Jr. He’s extremely motivated in providing not only relevant fitness information to his audience but creating a community of accessible professionals. That’s what you need on your quest to get fit.

What if you can’t make it to the gym? Don’t sweat it. Not literally though. Daily HIIT provides you with recorded workout sessions that you can catch online and at home to get your sweat on. How’s that for ease and accessibility.

Fitness media outlets are adapting to the people who matter most. The conversation is about fitness for young professionals, business owners, parents, and YOU.  It’s both relevant and accessible. So take a look at some of the sites mentioned and get fit!

Also, if you have any other great resources that you tune into, please post in the comments below I’d love to check it out!

by Andrew Kobylarz

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