5 Rounds:
40 Double-Unders (100 Singles)
5 Muscle-Ups (10 Push-Ups+5 Pull-Ups)
10 DB 1-Arm Burpee Snatch 30% (Total)
14 DB Lunges (1 DB 30% Totatl)
Rest 60

Beginner Workout:
5 Rounds:
50 Singles
10 Push-Ups
10 DB 1-Arm Burpee Snatch 15% (Total)
10 DB Lunges (1 DB 15%)
Rest 60

For this workout, we introduce a new movement, the burpee snatch. You will not be doing a push in the burpee, just work on staying tight and level. When you kick your feet in from the burpee, make sure to drop your butt and lock your core in for the snatch. For the lunges, put the one dumbbell on your back and you will complete 14 total steps.

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