0-5 2 Burppes
6-10 1 Front Squats 115/75
11-15 2 Pull-Ups/1 Muscle-Up
16-20 1 Power Cleans
21+ 2 DB Snatch (total) 25% (1 each side)

2 Rounds:
40 Wall Balls 20/14
40 KB Swings 70/35
40 Push-Ups
40 1-Arm Overhead DB Lunge 15% (total)
40 Toes to Bar

Since you need to complete reps every minute, target to rest about 10-15 seconds before the new minute hits.  This will help your pace and keep you going.  Remember we are trying to get your heart rate up, but it is important to bring it back down to effectively boost your metabolism and rest also always you to work out in a safer fashion.  Have fun.