Join the only functional high-intensity gym in the country. No more silly licensing deals or kickboxing concepts.

We pride ourselves on encouraging camaraderie among our members while we strive for excellence in every workout. The programming we develop is perfect for all ages and skill sets, and we are committed to supplying our gyms with quality state-of-the-art equipment, locker rooms, and wide open workout space.

The initial goal of Intrepid Gym was to create a community gym that prided itself on the best customer service in the industry. The logo, an “I”, has 3 pillars, representing home, work, and a place to hang out. We consider that last pillar the missing piece in today’s busy society: To fill that need, we offer Intrepid Gym.

Current Locations

2 (in the work: 1 corporate gym, 1 franchise)

State of the Art Equipment

Get the equipment the pros use

Member Manger

Proprietary Software, streamline member profiles

Low Cost Merchant Processing

Save 1-2% on all processing fees

Low Overhead Fees

Maximize your square footage and profits

Average ROI

Break even in the first 6 months

We are a partner eager to support you and to share what we have learned in our more than five years’ experience owning a gym. We are certain you can succeed as we have: And we are ready to help you do it!

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