Q? I really like Olympic Lifting, can you help me?

A. We have several coaches with years of experience.  They are well equipped to help your progress and hit all your goals.  We also have competition Eleiko bars, training barbells specifically designed for Intrepid Gym, top of the line weightlifting plates, and platforms.  What is your goal?

Q? How much is a membership?

A. We have a few different membership options to choose from, the longer you commit, the better the deal. If you commit for a year you can either pay $130 every month, $370 per every 3 months, or yearly (the best). We also have options for a 6 month commitment along with a month-t0-month option. You can see all our pricing here.

Q? So what is high-intensity training, and why does it work?

A. This may help you understand more, check it out here!

Q? How does Intrepid Gym compare to a CrossFit gym, the workouts seem similar?

A. We are not an affiliate of CrossFit, nor do we have anything to do with CrossFit. We are an independently owned gym that specializes in group fitness high-intensity training utilizing functional movements and calisthenics for Metabolic Conditioning. All our HIT workouts have intervals, which helps boost your metabolism, and we also avoid snatches in the workouts as this is a high skill movement where most people lack the mobility.  However, you can find snatches in our Olympic Lifting classes.  So no, we are different than CrossFit, we like to think of ourselves as a unique breed since we’re one of the only high-intensity gyms in the country.

Q? Your classes look really intense and scary, I feel like I am really out of shape, can I do it?

A. The hardest step is stepping inside our doors. We know it looks intimidating, but the coaches will make sure that you know all of the exercises and everything is scalable and easily modified to suit your skill level. For example, if you can’t do a box jump you can try a step-up instead. We encourage people to really push themselves, think of this as more of a journey than a race. All of our members are at different skill levels and we love seeing you grow stronger with each class!

Q? Where are you located?

A. We are located at 82 Main Street in Madison.  Please feel free to utilize the municipal parking lot in the back, which can be accessed from Elmer Street.  There is an entrance to the gym from the back.

Q? I see Intrepid Gym offers a one-week free trial, can I come to any class?

A. Yes, you can come to any class you want. We think the only way to get a real feel for a gym is to try it out. You have one-week or 3 classes to try, whichever comes first.